HHS Provider Relief Funds: Latest Updates and Information Regarding the Reporting Requirements

  • Course level: All Levels
  • Duration 1h 2m
  • Last Update October 20, 2021


The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) portal has officially opened and new guidance has been issued. HHS has changed the reporting requirement many times.

Providers that received general distributions of the HHS Provider Relief Funds during Phases 1,  2, and/or 3 are subject to certain reporting requirements. These reporting requirements will require providers to evidence that they complied with the intended uses of the Provider Relief Funds. These funds cannot be used to reimburse expenses or losses that have been or should be reimbursed by another source.

Provider must maintain appropriate records and cost documentation required by 45 CFR 75.302 (financial management) and 45 CFR 75.361-75.365 (record retention and access). Join the live session to know general reporting guidelines, healthcare related expenses, general and administrative Expenses and lost revenue calculation.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Overview of Provider Relief Funds
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Recommendation
  • Provider Relief Funds (PRF) and It’s phases and Documentation Required
  • HHS Relief Fund Reporting Requirements
  • Guidance on how to you can accurately report the use of your funds
  • Calculation of lost revenue
  • Reporting portal and it’s deadline
  • Patient care operating expenses
  • Balance Billing Prohibition
  • Common Questions
  • Distributions Only
  • Timeline for Reporting
  • Tiers of Reporting
  • Newly Added FAQ
  • Single Audit Requirement
  • Use of HHS Funds
  • COVID-Related Expenses
  • Healthcare-Related Expenses
  • General and Administrative Expenses
  • Lost Revenue Calculation
  • Federal Appropriations Act
  • Lost Revenue Calculation
  • Income From Patient Revenues
  • Other Assistance
  • Non-Financial Data

What Will I Learn?

  • Can I keep the money even if I do not see COVID patients (actual or possible cases COVID patients?
  • Does it matter when expenses are incurred as compared to when I received the monies?
  • What if I did not attest?
  • Do I need to prove that I have COVID-related expenses or lost revenue (or will have lost revenue) in order to receive the funds?
  • Are the HHS provider relief funds taxable?
  • Should I apply for more funds?
  • What if I do not expend all of the funds?
  • Can I return them if I do not want to use?
  • What are the tiers of Reporting and Deadline for use of funds?
  • What all are Healthcare related expenses?

Topics for this course

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About the instructor

Amanda Waesch has experiences of 18 years and operates a national healthcare practice and is licensed in both Ohio and Florida. She primarily focuses her practice on healthcare, employment law, corporate law, and healthcare litigation and advises all types of employers, in particular healthcare providers, including, hospitals and physicians, on various matters. She also chairs the firm’s litigation team that is primarily responsible for handling all reimbursement audits and appeals for her firm’s healthcare clients and heads up BMD’s Provider Relations, Audit, Appeals and Negotiations Unit (PRAAN) which handles all-payer audits, appeals, overpayments and payment extrapolations.
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Target Audience

  • Medical staff leaders
  • Hospital executives
  • Credentialing specialists
  • Medical staff managers
  • Chief Medical Officers
  • Health Lawyers
  • Safety and risk professionals
  • Human Resources
  • Supervisors/managers
  • Compliance personnel
  • Representatives of employees
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