Laboratory Test

A doctor may order laboratory work or imaging tests to help determine what is causing your symptoms. Let’s have a look at these tests. Laboratory tests: Many diseases have signs and symptoms. Samples of your body fluids can occasionally uncover evidence of the particular microbe that is causing your illness. This helps your physician tailor your …

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Did you know that OSHA expects all employers to classify their employees’ jobs as to risk for exposure and then address those risks? Did you know that the EEOC prohibits mandatory COVID-19 anti-body tests for return to work? Did you know that the Department of Labor has changed its definition of a healthcare worker that is exempt from paid leave …



Anesthesia is helpful for several things, including performing the operation or biopsy processes, taking an x-ray, and performing dental procedures. A doctor might choose local anesthesia, injectable general anesthesia, or inhaled general anesthesia to maintain you pain-free during diagnostic or surgical procedures. The doctor is widely trained to perform anesthesia and will take all possible precautions …

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Meditation is an approach to training the mind, similar to the way that fitness is an approach to training the body. There are different techniques of meditation such as concentration meditation, mindfulness meditation, etc. Guided meditation is a process where one or more participants meditate provided by a trained practitioner. Guided meditation will assist someone …

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Mohs surgery is an exact surgical procedure used in the treatment of skin cancer. During Mohs surgery, thin layers of cancer comprising skin are removed and analyzed until just cancer-free tissue remains. The objective of Mohs operation is to remove as much of your skin tumor as possible while doing minimal damage to enclosing healthful …


HIPAA Violation – What You Should Know

A HIPAA violation can mean serious consequences to you and your business. This is because HIPAA defines a wide variety of healthcare-related information, which is defined as “protected health information.” If you choose to be uninsured, this is protected by the act. The act also gives businesses the right to protect their information, especially from …

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Long-Term Care

Here is help understanding, choosing, and funding long-term care. Long-term maintenance is a term used to describe the community and home-based services for adults who want help care for themselves. If you’re thinking about long-term care options on your own, a parent, or another cherished one, begin the research and discussions early. For instance: home …

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